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I am so happy you have finally decided to join me here!  Grab a cup of tea, pull up a seat, and make yourself at home.  We are all part of the same tribe here as there are no strangers in this strange land. 


At the moment, my website is small like the little dormouse, but rest assured it is growing...quickly!   In time, there will be tons of illustrations to peruse through, time-lapsed videos to watch and glimpses of works in progress on the blog page.  

The content here serves as my illustration portfolio and hopefully in the near future, perhaps I will have children's picture books to offer you too!  (This is my goal, to illustrate children's books and/or book covers, but hey, I'll be happy illustrating anything within reason!)


Until that time comes, you will have to suffice with original paintings and prints to tied you over.  

It is my wish that my work makes you smile and warms your heart.  Be sure to join my email list to be one of the first to get updates and don't forget to check out the blog page too!  

Artistically yours, 



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