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time-lapsed videos

I have included this section of time-lapsed videos for your viewing pleasure.  Mostly because I have always found it interesting to see how an artist creates their beautiful works of art.  Not only that, but they can be entertaining, and they show you the process of what goes in to creating a single art piece.  The videos may only be a few minutes long, but the number of hours that go in to creating a single piece of art can be many!   Often times, the artwork changes many times before we have completed its final version! 


I hope you enjoy watching my creative process! 


Unfortunately for now, I can only show you works I have completed on Procreate since I do not have a video set up to film the making of live traditional art.  As time goes on, I will continue to add more videos for you to watch.  

master studies

What the heck is a "Master Study"?

A master study is the process of re-creating (as close as physically possible) another artist's work in order to learn new techniques and refresh rusty skills. 


Sometimes an artist will do a master study to learn how another artist uses a color palette or their tools to accomplish certain effects in their work.  Sometimes we do them out of pure admiration and to strengthen our drawing muscles. 


It might be surprising to know, but in fact, this is a common practice in the most prestigious art schools around the world where student artist literally go to the museum to study and learn from the "great masters" who came before them.  Student artist are instructed as part of their learning curriculum to recreate to the best of their ability, the paintings and drawings that the Great Masters created....thus, it is why it is called the "master study".

On that note, a master study will never be sold because it is for my educational purposes only and for your viewing pleasure.  I share them here with you to give you an idea of what I do for fun in my spare time and to share what skills I am capable of in my illustration work.   

I have enjoyed re-creating these works and I hope you will enjoy them too! 


Thanks for checking them out!

~Lori Platt Illustration

"The Frog Prince" 
 created on the
iPad Pro in Procreate.

This master study was based on an image from The Random House Book of Fairy Tales.  The illustration was done by artist Diane Goode for the story "The Frog Prince.


"The Elves and the Shoemaker"
created on the
iPad Pro in Procreate.

This master study was based on an image from The Book of Little Folk: Faery Stories and Poems from Around the World. Collected, retold and illustrated by Lauren Mills.


Special Note:  I realize these 2 time-lapsed videos are shown in the upper portion of the page, however, I wanted to give credit to the original artist and their work, and I also wanted to include an image of the original work from the books that I based my illustrations on so that you can make a visual comparison for your own reference.    

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