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Stocking Up The Store...

Hello Peeps!

I would first like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who have stopped in and visited my new site and have taken your time to browse through every nook and cranny, sent me your feedback, your encouragement or left a review. And an extra special thanks goes out to those of you who have mustered up enough courage to come back for more! LOL I appreciate you ALL very much!

As you may have noticed, at the moment, I only have a couple of different types of prints available in the shop. Don't worry, I will be adding more in the near future. The problem is, I can only create as many as I can afford to have made at a time. Which translates to.... the more you buy, the more I will be able to build up my shop! But, in the meantime, I have to work within my meager budget. :-P So, please be patient as I grow my store a little at a time and check back frequently to see what is new in the shop as I will be adding more a variety of prints as time and my wallet can afford to do so. You would be surprised at how expensive it is to have super nice, high quality prints of your artwork created. But, I only want the best for my collectors, so it is worth the expense in my opinion!

Speaking of prints, if you see a piece of art on my site that does not have a print available and you would love to have a print of it, feel free to send me a message regarding which painting/art and I will try to get some prints made up of it. The only way I will know which items you all like the most are either by you letting me know directly or by hitting the "heart" icon on the image. This will let me know which ones are worth my time investing in. I would rather invest time, money and energy into those items that my collector's truly love rather than tossing it down the rabbit hole. :-P

Before I forget, please be sure to sign up for my email list too while you are here. I will be having a free print give-a-way in the near future and the only way you can participate is to be signed up for the mailing list. :-D It goes without saying, that your information is safe with me because I respect your privacy just as much as I hope others do the same for me!

And, on that note, I am currently working on more illustrations to adorn my pages with, so be on the lookout for them in the near future! Who knows what you will find.....

Thanks for stopping by!

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